About Us

Snook Family Lights

Our display began in 2013, with 32 channels controlling a few thousand lights. Over the years the display has grown to include nearly 200 channels, over 30,000 individually addressable RGB channels, over 50,000 lights, and the Grinch! Everything you see in the show is done by our family, from hanging all of those lights to the music sequencing, and everything in between. With three different family members sequencing the lights, you're sure to see a wide variety of styles and music selections during the show. We always laugh at how we can tell immediately which songs were done by the dancer and which were done by the piano player!

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If you're curious what to expect from the show, check out our YouTube page for a selection of past songs!

For up to date show status (with all those lights and extension cords, the show does not run in the rain), or to get in touch with the elves behind the lights, follow us on Facebook!